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The Yarn Bus™
What is the Yarn Bus?

It's our way of giving you a fun free ride from the city up to our shop in Tarrytown.

It runs twice a day on Saturdays and Sundays and other days and other places by reservation. Call us!

With an average stop to shop of an hour, an hour and a half in and around the shop, another hour back, it’s a 3½ hour adventure. Starting at one of our convenient stops located across Manhattan, the bus will pick up you and your friends, and along with the other dozen or so eager knitters on the bus, bring you up to our shop a half hour north of the city. And then we'll shuttle you home again! Just like that. All for free, of course.

And you can sign up with a quick e-mail. Just choose your stop, preferred dates, and number of passengers. Also, be sure to book your return trip—by default you get the next shuttle back, but you can take the train or a later shuttle, too!

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