Most of the yarn lines have pretty obscure names that we never figure out, but we’re guessing the pasta reference must be right on target for Tagliatelli. But once it’s knitted up‚ all pasta analogies become silly and meaningless. It’s hard to pin Kevin down to a favorite Colinette‚ but to hear him go on and on about Tagliatelli makes you think this is a good candidate.
The yarn itself is a 100% merino wool ribbon‚ but unlike most knitting ribbon‚ in which the threads are knit or braided together into its ribbon shape‚ Tagliatelli is actually a very narrow piece of fine woven wool cloth.
When you knit it‚ you don’t worry about twists or kinks and just let them fall into the stitches as they will. The result is a thick spongy fabric that has a waffle-like texture‚ is gorgeous to look at‚ and is soft as a princess’ mattress. The colors form variegated patches in some places and in other parts‚ the hues resonate to a beautiful Renoir background. Overall the effect is mesmerizing‚ especially so to Kevin. Garment and blanket samples we have in the store become magnets to the touch of every hand that passes by. A piece created with Tagliatelli is always a treasure.
90% Wool‚ 10% Nylon
2¾ sts = 1"‚ 4 rows = 1"‚ on size US 11 needles
159 yards‚ 100g
hand-wash‚ dry flat or dry clean
IMPORTANT NOTE: Just a reminder‚ this yarn‚ as all Colinette‚ is individually hand-painted. There are no dye lots and every skein is unique. Elise really likes the differences and when she uses the skeins‚ she places them arbitrarily. We do have a suggestion for people who are more organized. Roll up two skeins and every two rows change skeins as if you are striping with different colors. As a result‚ the differences in the colors will blend‚ and you will not be able tell where one stops and another starts.

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