Sleek and Slinky
Thick and thin ribbon? And in slippery, shiny cotton/rayon, besides? Nobody’s ever done this before. And this is a fashion innovation we’ve all been waiting for. Wear a glamorous top that’s light and shiny and catches the light with a million Colinette hues, with the funky and sophisticated look you get with thick and thin knitting.
55% Cotton, 45% Rayon
3˝ sts = 1", 5 rows = 1", on size US 10 needles
175 yards, 100g
hand-wash, dry flat or dry clean
TIP: Enigma is very slippery. We highly recommend using plastic, wood, or bamboo needles which provide a little friction and thus easier handling.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Just a reminder, this yarn, as all Colinette, is individually hand-painted. There are no dye lots and every skein is unique. Elise really likes the differences and when she uses the skeins, she places them arbitrarily. We do have a suggestion for people who are more organized. Roll up two skeins and every two rows change skeins as if you are striping with different colors. As a result, the differences in the colors will blend, and you will not be able tell where one stops and another starts.

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