Great Adirondack Yarn Co.
Great Adirondack Yarn Company
We have Great Adirondack Yarns spread throughout Flying Fingers. It’s a pretty fair bet that whenever Elise sees someone pick up a skein, she’ll say…. “Have you ever used these yarns? Patti Subik puts together colors better than anyone I know.” And it’s true, the yarns of Patti, proprietor and master dyer, are inimitable with their richness, sense of fun and clever combinations. For a colorful and sparkly garment or accessory, we always turn to Great Adirondack
It was a Great Adirondack scarf that Elise was making a few years back when we went to see our new baby grandson for the first time. Kevin was driving and Elise was knitting, as usual, despite the night darkness. Elise’s knack for knitting away at full speed in the dark, doing even complicated intarsia patterns with rarely a flaw, is what inspired Kevin to suggest the name “Flying Fingers.” So Kevin wasn’t surprised that Elise took out her skein of Great Adirondack Sequins wound nicely on a piece of cardboard. This yarn is so slippery that it doesn’t hold its shape in a ball, so the cardboard piece is definitely the best way to go. Well, we got nearly to Boston when Elise was just about ready to bind off the scarf. But then in our excitement talking about seeing our new grand baby, she slipped somehow, and dropped a few stitches. After a little cursing and fiddling, we turned on the light only to see the entire scarf had run and we could see that Elise would have to start all over again!
So our only advice to you is to never knit Sequins when going to meet your new grandson! Pretty much anything else will turn out terrific with these great yarns.

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