Burly Spun

Brown Sheep Co. BURLY SPUN
Brown Sheep Co.
The Brawniest, Softest, Thickest, Wooliest, Nicest, Single-Ply 100% Super Chunky Wool Work-Horse Yarn There Is (and it's from Nebraska)
It may be a deep dark secret, but Kevin has a good many roots and kin in Nebraska. He even lived in little Newman Grove, his folks' hometown, for a brief while.
When Elise met Kevin, she knew Brown Sheep came from Nebraska, too. So when she saw his hopelessly dishevled head of fleece, she put two and two together and figured: You want good fleece? Go to Nebraska.
Don't worry, Brown Sheep Company sticks strictly to sheep for making Burly Spun. While Kevin loves thin yarns, this thick yarn he adores and uses a lot. It's what he starts all his crochet students out on; with a 10mm Addi Sparkly hook. One hank is perfect for the 45-minute scarf (dc 8 sts every row until you or the yarn is exhausted, whichever comes first; one sk makes a 6 ft long scarf).
Content: 100% USA Prairie Wool.
Put Up: 132 yards in a half pound loose hank ( pound = 8 oz. = 226 grams).
Gauge: 2 sts per inch on US 13 needles, but you can easily go up to 19 with good effect.
Texture: Single-ply wool.
Care: Hand-wash, dry flat; or dry clean. Permanently moth-proofed using a no-odor treatment.

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